The SMCH - PCP - SSBM alliance

Surendra Medical College & Hospital, Priyadarshini College of Pharmacy & , Shashi School of Business & Media have joined their hands together to assist them mutually in the tutelage of various programs to be pursued by the Apprentices collectively or with the association of the said colleges.

The main cause of the said Alliance is laid inter alias :

The apprentices could well be trained in the stream of Hospital Administration by SSBM with the help of the practical exposure assured by SMCH for the students to absorb. For this purpose SSBM will carry out both the Master as well as the Bachelor courses in Hospital Administration along with Post Graduate Program in Hospital Health Management in its periphery. Courses of PCP.

The tutelage for Pharmacy courses of PCP will be made available in the SMCH campus.

The Post Graduate Program in Pharmaceutical Production Management program and would be run by the SSBM in order to serve the Pharmacy students of PCP to pursue a better prospect in the profession of pharmacy. Similarly Post Graduate Program in Drug Regulatory Affairs would be induced by the SMCH for the apprentices especially for the students of PCP to pursue.

To allow students to take admissions anywhere out from the three colleges and attend guidance classes in any of the college premises for the purpose of flexibility and comfort.

To assist students of each college in getting maximum practical exposure out of the Infrastructure and the facilities such as the Hospitals and the Science labs of the said colleges thereby creating a better scope of building globally acclaimed professionals in their respective fields.

All the programs laid at the campuses will be UGC and the respective councils recognized as compared to the other courses run in our Colleges.

The rules of each college along with its code of conduct will be applicable to the visiting or alien students of the allied colleges while on a visit or for attaining knowledge till the time of stay at the allied college.

Summary of the New Courses

Hospital Administration (Master’s/Bachelor’s) : SSBM


B. Pharma /D. Pharma : SMCH