A college better than a club

Student's Pandora

Apart from the education imparted at SSBM, the students are provided with latest tools of technology to keep themselves involved in the process of their own development.

Free laptops are provided to every student to make them savvy with the skills required to keep them abreast with the professional world.

Apart from free laptops the student will be given the college kit containing merchandise for official presentations & festivals to register their presence, following articles will be offered as a part of college kits:

Official laptop Bag pack
SSBM Almanac
SSBM T-shirts

This initiative is taken at SSBM so that all the students are treated alike and therefore instate a sense of unity and pride is developed towards the college.

SSBM Festival 'SIDDHI'

The college celebrates its existence each year by organizing the annual college festivals. It is hosted by student, faculty and administration all together. Various inter & intra college competitions are organized by college like debates and quiz hosted by the students. Creative sessions like dance, Skit & fashion show are performed by the students.

A film Festival is also organized for the media students to showcase their talent in front of a wider audience, where higher dignitaries from the government and members of various institutions as well as celebrities are invited as guests to be a part of the festival.

Festivals are arranged before the starting of new semesters for the apprentices to make a new and fresh start to their semester.

Amenities Room

To keep the minds of the students afresh, the college provides with amenities room equipped with Snooker table, Tennis table, Carrom boards, and sports materials for outdoor games like Volley ball, Basket ball, Badminton & Cricket are also available.


Fitness is one aspect that should always be kept in the mind as it is believed that a fit and healthy person has a fresh mind to work upon.Therefore, the students are provided with a modern gymnasium in order to have some time spent to ease their minds off their studies and can even burn up a few calories and stay fit.

Bag pack voyages

Trips to various destinations are arranged for the apprentices to add an element of enjoyment and freedom amongst them for the purpose of imparting skills to tackle the various other aspects of life.

Group Activities

Various group activities are arranged to develop a sense of team unity which helps the apprentices to work in a team and thereby creating deference for a range of team works

These activities include various group presentation, competition, journal writing, idea hunting, and etc.